About SAPTA Cares

SAPTA Cares is a fund dedicated to support our most needy FAS (Financial Assistance Scheme) Boys. Born from a realization that there is a need for a sustainable fund to support our boys instead of raising funds on a ad-hoc basis,

SAPTA launched SAPTA Cares in October 2013, in conjunction with Children’s Day.

Funded each year with a portion of the profits from our annual SAPTA Carnival and new Membership Subscriptions, we hope this will be an initiative that will endure the test of time and continue to reach out to future cohorts of precious Saints each year.

The fund is presently channelled to support FAS boys in St Andrew’s Junior School’s Extend-A-Care Program. The Extend-A-Care Program extends a hand to boys who are in dire need of after school care due to their family circumstances.


Dennis Tan, Senior School Counsellor, SAJS

“In 2014, the school is blessed to have SAPTA come on board to support the programme. SAPTA sponsors some of the needy pupils in the Extend – A – Care programme. This year, SAPTA’s sponsorship enables 4 pupils to attend St Andrew’s House Day Boarders (SAHDB) after-school care. Attending SAHDB allows these pupils to experience some structure after school, and provides the environment to help them in their school work. The parents of these pupils are grateful that the welfare of their sons is taken care of.”


To learn more about the SAJS Extend-A-Care programme, click on this link:
Extend-A-Care Write Up and Testimonial