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The SAPTA – Albert Goh Sportsman Study Programme – A Review and Summary 2013.
Published by E3 Discovery, our education partner for this programme:
Annual Newsletter 2013 by e3 Discovery

The study programme for sports boys was launched by the St Andrew’s Parent-Teacher Association (SAPTA) to support the school’s time-starved boys – in particular, our rugby and hockey players who spend an enormous number of hours in training and competition, leaving them exhausted and uninspired to tackle their school work.

The programme also helps the boys better manage their precious after-school hours, teaching them the discipline of balancing work and play.

Since its launch in 2009, the programme has morphed into various forms to cater to changing needs and challenges. In the process, it has produced good results, dramatically improved grades, some distinctions and many grateful parents. Click on the image to read testimonials from both our sports boys and their parents.


Today, the study programme is firmly established in each rugby and hockey boy’s schedule. It also serves as a great platform for service and camaraderie, by involving teachers, coaches, and old boys; underscoring a beautiful distinctive of St Andrew’s School: the spirit of ‘One Family Unbroken’.

5.2 4in1 Recipients (2)Though valued by the boys, the programme is still largely shaped by the amount of available funds. SAPTA therefore seeks donors to help provide the necessary financing to sustain and even expand the Programme.

We are grateful to Mr Albert Goh who has responded to our call. His contributions has sustained the programme for these past 4 years. We are now witnessing the fruits of the programme, having touched the lives of more than 200 young sportsmen.

Besides, rugby and hockey players, FAS (Financial Assistance Scheme) students from other CCA’s have also been benefitting from the study programme.

Indeed, the SAPTA – Albert Goh Sportsman Study Programme is a unique study-sports programme in Singapore schools. Besides being valued by our own boys, it has in recent years, attracted many talented sportsmen to St Andrew’s Secondary School.

With your support, we hope to sustain this programme for many more years.