Children’s Day Carnival 2014 – Photos

The Children’s Day Carnival photos are up!

Heartfelt words from Tan Yan Kit, one of the 3 SAPTA Committee Members responsible for organizing this year’s Children’s Day Carnival.

I was honoured and privileged to be able to work with a big group of dedicated, caring and devoted parents and committee members with one goal in mind – “To make this Carnival the most unforgettable the boys had ever experienced.” I was touched by the response from parents of all levels who volunteered and approach us to sponsor or adopt the food and games stalls.

I was overwhelmed by the response of all the parents and through the efforts of all involved, this year’s carnival had set a precedence for all future carnivals and I believe this day will be a special day in the calendar for our SAJS boys.

We have also taken this opportunity to remind our boys that in times of happiness and celebration, we do not forget the less fortunate. 50% of the proceeds collected will be used for our FAS students and this clearly demonstrated – “Empathy” one of the school’s core values.

Thank you for helping us raise almost $10,000 for our SAPTA Cares Fund.
This will go a long way in supporting SAJS boys from less privileged backgrounds throughout 2015.

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