Crossing Over – From Boyhood to Teenhood

by Elliot Wong and Ethan Antoni 

with photographs by Saints Photography Club.


Read the full article on Village Online, 17 Jan 2014. 
The Crossover. A symbolic ceremony of crossing over from the Junior and Secondary School which takes place on the first day of the school year. During the ceremony, the Primary 6s of the previous year run across the school field to a warm and boisterous welcome from the secondary school students.
The Crossover 2014


SAPTA launches Phase 2 of the GOALLS Program

SAPTA together with GOALLS, has launched Phase 2 of the program with a GOALLS Briefing for Students held on September 2nd followed by a Employer’s Briefing on September 18th. With 6 employers from various industries participating in this phase, the Employer’s Briefing was indeed an interesting session for the Secondary 4 students who signed up for the program.

Employers Briefing - Francis Looi from Polar

Mr Francis Looi, CEO of Polar Puffs and Cakes, presenting to our boys at Buy Viagra the September 18th Employers Briefing

The six employers participating in this phase are:
Polar Puffs and Cakes
Wang Café Group (NTUC Foodfare)
The American Club
Scoop of Art
The Keepers Inn
Pagesetters Services

A Basic Training Module and Interview Skills Workshop will be conducted for the boys on September 23rd followed by interviews with employers. Successful candidates will begin their 10-week job attachment mid-October.

Click here to learn more about the GOALLS Program


SAA Health Talks – Managing your Joints

The St Andrewâ??s Alumni (SAA) has extended an invitation to SAPTA and its members to attend a one-hour Health Talk held on Friday, September 27 from 7.30pm to 8.30pm at the SASS Centre-of-Excellence.

Managing your Joints

By Dr Peter Lee Yew Chung
MBBS (Singapore),  FRCS (Edinburgh), M.Ch Ortho (Liverpool)

Synopsis: Degenerative arthritis is an inevitable consequence top online blackjack of aging. Injury and  overuse will accelerate normal joint wear and tear. Preventive measures and  common myths, and tips on exercises will be discussed so that we can still enjoy  an active and healthy lifestyle as we age.

Click here for detailed Speakers’ Profile.
Profiles of Dr. Francis Seow-Choen and Dr. Peter Lee Yew Chung

GOALLS Program – Congratulations to our Phase 1 Graduates

GOALLS Program - Phase 1 Graduates

GOALLS Program – Phase 1 Graduates (From L-R) – Joel Foo, AJ Vital, Joseph Khoo, Amuthan and Rafael Toh

With the conclusion of Phase 1 of the GOALLS Program (Get-Out-And-Learn-Life-Skills), we are extremely proud of the 5 boys who have met all the required assignments and successfully completed the entire 10-week work program.

Their commitment to the program and work ethic have been exemplary. A testament to this, is the fact that many of them have been asked wisconsin cash advance payday loans by their employers to continue working part-time, beyond the program.

To find out more about of the GOALLS Program, a partnership between SAPTA and GOALLS and to view more photos of our boys at work, click on the link below.

The next phase of the program is already in motion and work attachments for the next batch of selected participants will begin mid-October. Employers for this phase include: Polar Puff and Cakes, The American Club, Pagesetters Services and Scoop of Art.


SASS Food & Fun Fair – Thank You SASS Parents for organizing such a Wonderful Event

Parent Volunteers - Group Photo -cropped

SAPTA would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the parents of SASS who came together to organize a wonderful food and fun fair for the Secondary School boys. The money raised will go towards funding our Secondary School programmes such as our SAPTA Academic Awards, the SAA/SAPTA Sports Scholarship, SASS Teacher”s Day Luncheon,  the GOALLS Program, Sponsorship of Learning Journeys smokeaway electronic cigarette and financial support for boys under the school”s Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) and their families. To learn more about SAPTA programmes visit Our Programs on this website.

Did the boys enjoy it? Read what they had to say about the Food and Fun Fair in the The Village Online article, “Oh When The Saints Go Munching In!” :


Swimming – Saints @ the 54th National Primary Schools Championships 2013


Read how our swimmers performed at the Swimming Heats on 3rd and 4th of July leading up to the FINALS on 9th July, and how the tremendous support from our SAJS electronic cigarette safety SWIMMING Parents Support Group inspired our boys and also became the talk of the pool.

Poolside News @ School Nat – Day One Report (3 July)

Poolside News @ School Nat – Day Two Report (4 July)

Poolside News @ School Nat – Finals (9 July)


SAPTA to launch GOALLS Pilot Program in June

As part of St Andrew’s continuing aim to provide our boys with the best holistic education, including opportunities for character development, the acquisition of life skills, and the inculcation of community values and citizenship, SAPTA is thrilled to launch the GOALLS Pilot Program in partnership with GOALLS, a local volunteer group.

Background on GOALLS

GOALLS stands for Get Out And Learn Life Skills.  The mission of GOALLS is to develop school / employer partnerships that help prepare Singaporean youth to become more successful members of society by gaining part-time work experience.  Academic research has linked working part-time as an adolescent to a variety of holistic benefits, including:

  • The development of social and emotional competencies (aka “soft skills”), such as greater self-confidence,     independence, resilience & perseverance, and communication & interpersonal skills
  • The development of practical “life skills,” such as time management, money management, and the capacity to carry out instructions and take on responsibility
  • Long-term educational and career benefits, such as higher wages and earnings
  • Benefits to society, including promotion of social integration, inter-generational dialogue, and citizenship

image2In a nutshell, research suggests that working part-time can help young people grow into more skilled, independent, and productive members of Singaporean society.

For more background information on this pilot programme exclusive to St Andrew’s Secondary School, please see

GOALLS Pilot Program – Information for SASS Students



Justin Baldauf , founder of GOALLS speaking at the briefing.

Justin Baldauf , founder of GOALLS speaking at the GOALLS student briefing held on May 22.

[important]GOALLS Pilot Program Update – 31 May

11 of our Secondary 3 boys were offered jobs with participating employers, The American Club and All Best Foods Pte Ltd. They will start work in the first week of June. Congratulations! [/important]