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The St Andrew’s Parent-Teacher Association (SAPTA) was founded several decades ago with well-meaning parents coming together to support the school by getting involved with its activities. The association was officially registered in 1970 as a voluntary organisation that works to support the well-being of parents, teachers and students in St Andrew’s Junior School and St Andrew’s Secondary School.

The SAPTA logo integrates the letter “A” with three triangles at the end of the masthead representing PARENTS, TEACHERS and STUDENTS, who are our main focus. In supporting the school, SAPTA members come together to provide for the needs of all our parents, teachers and boys.

Some of SAPTA’s initiatives include:


  • Organising memorable School events like SASS Carnivals and SAJS Children’s Day
  • Sponsoring of Exam Fees
  • Providing Scholarships for deserving students, recognising both Academic and Sports Excellence
  • Started the SAPTA Study Program for Sports Boys and funding it since 2008
  • Sponsoring inter-class events to promote creativity and encourage positive competition among students


  • Co-sponsoring Teachers’ Retreats and Teacher’s Day Celebrations
  • Appreciating and inspiring teachers with SAPTA’s Caring Teacher Award


  • Organising activities for fathers to foster greater bonding with their sons
  • Running the Dads Coffee Club as a support group for fathers
  • Organising parenting and educational seminars and workshops
  • Organising SAPTA Family events to foster family bonding
  • Supporting our affiliated Parent Support Groups (Parent Volunteers, Hockey PSG, Rugby PSG) and our Sport Clubs, namely the Athletics Club and Saints FC (Soccer) in their respective school programmes

We organise fund-raising events throughout the school year to finance our various workshops, student initiatives, and school programmes.

VOLUNTEER ORGANISATIONAs a volunteer organisation, SAPTA’s success is due to our many SAPTA members who volunteer their time, energy and expertise to support our boys by supporting our programmes.

Therefore, we invite parents of St Andrew’s School to join the association so that together, we can work together to make our sons’ learning journey through St Andrew’s a memorable and special one.

Truly, we espouse the ethos of our School Hymn —

They reaped not where they laboured,
We reap what they have sown;
Our harvest may be garnered,
By ages yet unknown.

Indeed, whatever support, time, effort or financial assistance is volunteered, your kindness will touch many in our Saints community!

SAPTA membership details may be found here:
SAPTA Membership

If you would like to volunteer for our programmes, or have any queries about our activities, do fill in the following contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

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